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This dish tastes the chickling pickled Chinese cabbage that stew is the food that makes with chicken and collocation of pickled Chinese cabbage is tasted, these two kinds of collocation that feed capable person rise is mouthfeel or nutrient value can have very big promotion not only, a lot of protein and the fiber that human body needs are contained a lot ofamong chicken, and the vitamin with a lot of pairs of good bodies is contained a lot ofamong pickled Chinese cabbage, but a lot of people do not know this dish is tasted how should make. So, what does the chickling stew pickled Chinese cabbage to make a method have?

The first, what does the chickling stew pickled Chinese cabbage to make a method have? Cheer boiler, good scald chicken is put break up in boiler fry. Waited for chicken to change the pickled Chinese cabbage that has cut is added to be fried together after color. Water conflagration is added to stew after frying a few minutes 10. Stew boiler, next conflagration continues to stew, waited for soup to be done not have almost involve fire. Install dish of edible. Gallinaceous wearing is redemptive will cut chunk, steaky pork is washed clean clear water is put to be burned in putting bowl, goes after hematic foam puts the condiment such as green ginger to earn small fire to stew to a hour boiler medium all feeding talent is total fish out reserves steaky pork slice pickled Chinese cabbage cuts into shreds, wash clean turn dry reserve the boiler that make oil, pickled Chinese cabbage is put after burning heat, conflagration fries a moisture, as far as possible1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Fry do some of conflagration in putting the boiling water that has boiled to be burned, turn make small ammunition, stew the 1-1.5 that boil the hour shuts fire, stew comes 2 hours above. Ignite again stew to a hour, join salt and the steaky pork with be boiled good can

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, stupid chicken chop agglomerate boiler adds clear water to burn gallinaceous piece. Green ginger. When aniseed stews 8 maturityLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Do not eat at that time wait cool later it is the most delicious that reheat leaves not be when you are cool nevertheless in iron bowl cool because in that way acid of meeting raw meat or fish and iron have food report.

What does the chickling stew pickled Chinese cabbage to make a method have? Give gallinaceous piece to add a few starch, salt to put aside above all at the same time. Heat in boiler the pickled Chinese cabbage below oil, the boiler below bubble any of several hot spice plants, Chinese prickly ash, chicken breaks up fry 4 minutes ripe, add water, add peppery, ginger, stew 2 hours, impose gallinaceous fine, salt. Can buy a packet 13 sweet put a few to be in soup, taste is better, garlic section, pickled Chinese cabbage is abluent hair silk, caraway is abluent cut paragraph. chicken abluent stripping and slicing, put the scald in boiling water, fish out. Sit boiler ignition is oily, gallinaceous piece falls to break up after oily heat fry, join essence of chili, Chinese prickly ash, anise, refined salt, chicken, soy to fry ripe. Sit boiler ignition is oily, garlic is put after oily heat piece stir-fry before stewing gives sweet smell, enter chicken, silk of rejoin pickled Chinese cabbage, refined salt, soup-stock stews 10 minutes, scatter on caraway is become namely. Drumstick 6 (about 500 grams, also can take the place of with chicken of a young1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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For, bubble pickled Chinese cabbage a bag (400 grams, can like increase and decrease according to the individual) , fabaceous valve thick chili sauce is 10 grams, sweet green 1 root, ginger 3, carry on wine 1 spoon (essence of 15ml) , chicken 1 teaspoon (5 grams) , oily 2 spoon (400ml of 30ml) , water.