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Pineapple honey is famouser intertropical fruit, the pulp of pineapple honey is exceeding fleshy, taste faint scentShanghai noble baby

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Goluptious, flavour is full-bodied, already OK and direct edible, also can fry eat, can produce sanitarian effect likewise, fry pineapple honey e.g. flesh of the tenderloin that use a pig, mouthfeel is very pretty good, make tenderloin flesh can draw the delicate fragrance of pineapple honey adequately.

 How is pineapple honey fried delicious

Advocate makings: 300g of pig tenderloin flesh, pineapple sweet 300g, complementary makings is oily right amount, salt is right amount, unripe take right amount, candy right amount ginger, broken right amount, cooking wine is right amount, amylaceous right amount.

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 How is pineapple honey fried delicious


1. pineapple sweet pulp uses weak brine bubble.

 How is pineapple honey fried delicious

2. pineapple honey goes the nucleus is cut piece.

3. tenderloin is cut piece, mix saline starch size.

The infuse in 4. boiler is oily, explode sweet ginger is broken.

5. adds sliced meat. Break up fry even. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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6. breaks up fry the boil after becoming angry to cutlet to enter cooking wine, join unripe smoke and candy stir-fry before stewing is fried even.

7. joins pineapple honey piece.

8. breaks up quickly fry even can.

Pineapple honey is world-renowned intertropical fruit, fructification fleshy is soft, qing Dynasty is sweet goluptious, fragrance is full-bodied, reason is known as ” intertropical fruit empress ” .