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World bright and beautiful surpassed freedom of water ballet woman to set preliminary contest 2017, bel新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ow the situation that did not play this project game in number one Russia, of Chinese team ” angry Hai Zhengfeng ” obtain 95.5333 minutes to rank final of the first promotion. Wu Kelan, Japan parts with 93.1667 list with 92.9667 minutes the 2nd with the 3rd.

Theme of music of choice of every group proper motion mixes competition of collective and free combination movement, person of every team 8-10, can include single person, two-men and collective action, requirement movement and music are united in wedlock faultlessly, the whole group action that finish and with music cooperate to need synchronism. The judgment hits minute of cent to be 3 parts: The cent that finish is 30 minutes, artistic impression cent is 40 minutes, cent is difficulty 30 minutes.

The 6th China team that come on the stage expedited 10 athletes, it is Ping of Feng Yu, Guo Li, Liang Xin, Shang Mengni, Yin Chengxin, Xiao Yan respectively peaceful, Wang Liuyi, Wang Qian exemplaries, Chang Hao and Shang Mengni. They wear blue swimsuit, imprinting on the swimsuit surfy design, they chose ” angry Hai Zhengfeng ” musical theme. Music is compact and hurried, the flower swims of girls cast accept a motion, difficulty leg action is sturdy and strong, heroic spirit is shown between forehead, rich art behaves上海千花网龙凤论坛

force. Musical sound slowly, the movement of girls becomes downy. This movement weaves distinct, behavioral density sex is tall, alignment change is substantial, feel in order to shake to the person, the Chinese woman softness of will new era and strong performance get incisively and vividly, catch total component 95.5333 (the cent that finish 28.8, artistic impression is divided 38.1333, difficulty is divided 28.6) rank the first.

The change of model of this program alignment of Wu Kelan team is much, hold in the palm lift and cast receive finis爱上海同城

h flat and agile, behavioral technology quality is finished degree taller. No matter single person, two-men returns the difficulty that is collective leg by only then came to maintain high water level eventually, but in difficulty the respect is deficient in a little, obtain 93.1667 minutes (the cent that finish 28.1, artistic impression is divided 37.0667,上海千花网交友

difficulty is divided 38, ) rank the 2nd.

The window of Japanese team is this program is cast receive difficulty bigger, team change is more, gain cent 92.9667 (the cent that fin上海贵族宝贝

ish 27.9, artistic impression is divided 37.0667, difficulty is divided 38) rank the 3rd.

From must look on cent composition, the finishing cent of this movement, artistic impression cent and difficulty divide Chinese team to all be full-court highest, the advantage that the 2nd Wu Kelan team has total dispenses two minutes. If do not have an accident, the gold that collective freedom combines should be met in bursa of classify China team.

Woman collective combines project final freely will at Beijing time late on July 22 17:00 hold.

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