Budapest world natant tounament pulled open heavy curtain formally last night 2017, the China that presents as leading role by Sun Yang, Fu Yuanhui swims army group will appear formally at 23 days.

Chinese natant team from 2009 the behead on bright and beautiful contest captures Roman natant world 4 gold 2 silver after 4 copper, the world in nearly a few the surprise on bright and beautiful contest is ceaseless, next 3 world bright and beautiful surpass Shanghai, Barcelona and hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting on, achieved the good result of 5 gold. This year is Liyaoao first years after carry can end, also be the beginning of Olympic Games new cycle, chinese natant team be eager for doing sth, the famous general such as not only Sun Yang, Fu Yuanhui presents as leading role, the promising young person such as clean of Xu Jia beyond, Li Bing also is worth to expect.

Demand result

Sun Yang of the stone’s throw in with great concentration looks mark seizes 3 gold

As China swim army get military thing, sun Yang carries be finished on the meeting in Liyaoao big boy arrives the decay of one elder brother, became the team leader of Chinese natant team. This will be Sun Yang the 6th go on an expedition swims contest of world bright and beautiful. He will challenge rice and 800 meters of 200 rice, 400 crawl project of 3 each people, and undertake the whole thing extremely likely 3 gold, position of defend Asia overlord. Sun Yang was arousing a few days ago the goal that oneself expressed through video on congress, he hopes to lead Chinese natant group glaring Budapest.

Successful good beneficial of Sun Yang is in what carried out after Beijing Olympic Games 2008 to take the strategy at Chinese natant army group, he and Australia are famous the collaboration of coach Dennis is quite successful. The key of star team member trains plan and abroad training, offer Sun Yang very great help. After Sun Yang is attending national champion to surpass this year, he is to go to Yunnan to attend downy training first, the last ten-day of a month headed for Australia to undertake again in May special example, before world bright and beautiful is surpassed, he puts training place in Hong Kong, in Dennis and in of fine of square coach Zheng Kun guide next undertaking preparing for war finally.

After the Sunday run that fades out of 1500 meters of crawl competes, if Sun Yang puts main energy in today 200 mix oneself 400 go up from two projects. Sun Yang is in this year 200 mix oneself 400 from two swam wor爱上海同城论坛

ld first achievement, among them 200 swim into 1 minute oneself 45, it is the player that the world can swim exclusively into this one ac爱上海同城对对碰

hievement, and 400 from achievement is compared the 2nd good result of world is fast this year 1 second is much, because this wants normal play only, card of this two gold nugget is the content in bursa almost. Additional, after lift a ban of Piao Taihuan of Korea famous general reappears, it is good that we can see this is right again base friend is in swim the pool is right definitely.

Originally dispute 800 meters of crawl of abstruse project, will upgrade in Tokyo Olympic Games for the Olympic Games formal project, although Sun Yang swims only in this one project this year,give world tertiary result, but actually, team leader of Chinese natant group is valued very to this. 4 matches before this, he and Zhang Lin are in undertook the whole thing 800 from gold. Sun Yang hopes to pass his effort, implementation China army group is in of this project 5 Lian Guan.

Woman the advantage project that project of 50 meters of backstroke is Chinese woman natant team, have the actual strength that contend for a coronal not only, the competition inside the team is quite intense also. Fu Yuanhui is current 阿拉爱上海同城

Chinese natant team one elder sister, she will with Wang Xue or Liu Xiang gives fight this one project. 3 people rank the world on this project before 3, dan Shijin contest rules one country can two people give fight.

Seek a breakthrough

Progress is apparent, xu Jia beyond will bring a surprise

Xu Jia beyond is Sun Yang and Fu Yuanhui besides, the 3rd strong gold of Chinese natant team is nodded. He has strong gold actual strength not only, still have quite tall Yan Zhi at the same time, it is Chinese natant team is in current the surpris爱上海同城手机版

e that is worth to expect most.

Of Xu Jia beyond advocate it is a man 100 meters of backstroke, on the national champion contest this year, he swam 51.86 seconds, this one achievement broke Japanese famous general to enter record of the Asia before river hill interpose is retentive, with Murphy of American famous general retentive world record needs 0.01 seconds only. This project is before Xu Mu the world this year the first. In addition, in 50 meters of backstroke and 200 meters of backstroke on two projects, xu Jia Yu Tong appearance is very competitive, the world that two projects are this year the 2nd. Accepting when interviewing, xu Jia beyond is behaved very low-keyly, he states him position is good, the target is to obtain a breakthrough. The Liyaoao last year carries on the meeting, xu Jia beyond won the 100 silver medal that admire a project. Experienced the ablution that Liyaoao carries新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

, xu Jia beyond expressed to have more hope to oneself.

After Feierpusi retires, the competition of many men project entered new phase. Bark of famous general of Chinese medley relay arranges this Ci Shijin contest to will challenge a man 200 mix up 400 mix two projects, he carried be picked on the meeting in Liyaoao last year 200 mix project bronze medal, the national champion this year April is surpassed 200 mix winning achievement to be 1 minute 56 seconds 16, this achievement can be discharged in this sports season the 3rd of best achievement, exceeded Qu even the achievement that open official mind carries in Liyaoao meeting final acquires second place 1 minute of 56 seconds 61, without the predestined relationship in Luoqiete the circumstance of bright and beautiful contest leaves current generation, bark suitable hopeful acquires better place. Before world bright and beautiful is surpassed, wang Shunfei goes to the United States to undertake special example, respect of breaststroke of its weak point had not small rise, his biggest competitor will be Hungarian cut hertz and Qu of Japanese famous general open official mind.

Seek future

Budapest training, tokyo of goal of small character lifetime

In the battle array that Chinese natant team expedites this year, the Li Bing clean that was born 2002 and the Yanzi shellfish hopeful that were born 1995 grab booth, walk into swim confused eye shot.

Heibei book female Li Bing clean is junior become famous, in the bluenes爱上海同城论坛

s 2015 carry can cut a figure. Last year, year only she 14 years old is swimming inferior pick on bright and beautiful contest woman the gold of project of 400 meters of crawl. And the whole nation this year swims in championship, behead of her with one action catchs a woman 400, 800, 4X200 rice crawl 3 gold, and be in 400 from in finals, she swims 02 seconds of 52 the world is best this year achievement, distance Asia record has 0.17 seconds only.

The teacher bang that division of Li Bing clean silvers coin from anxious Liu of Olympic Games champion billows, bang billows is accepted before this move of water of Li Bing clean represents when interviewing rhythm of good, movement is coherent, natant efficiency is tall, the endowment that the Sunday run in having moves, but still need time to grow, the target can be put in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games farther even in the future.

Yan Zibei of flesh of Hubei book small delicacy is known as king of frog of Chinese new generation, in the national champion contest this year, he is in breaststroke project (mix 100 meters 50 meters) tierce breaks countrywide record, achievement of his 10 meters of breaststroke is very competitive also on the world at the same time, contest is made public to go up in the Japan this year, he gives 59 seconds in this project middle reaches the achievement of 57, the base of a fruit of skin of Adam of famous general of the world record holder that is next to this project, England. Yan Zibei expresses, be destined one year be rough every to him this year, his hope is alive China is on bright and beautiful contest swim army in breaststroke project win honour for.

Original title: Glaring Budapest still sees responsibility of Sun Yang of one elder brother edit: Zhu Shihui