” anthem ” open DEMO has ended, according to BioWare, around tries twice played player of edition whole world to throw 40 million hours, the attention that sees this work is spent. Try play edition may stay to the player a few anxious, but try play edition it is to try after all play edition, the function of a lot of formal edition is not had, so everybody mights as well watch YouTube channel ” Nie Bao ” share recently ” anthem ” 6 minutes of explanation of formal edition game.
This paragraph of video is Nie Bao gets of EA Tokyo respect the experience goes before inviting, divide in all for two parts. The first part is an experience before game paragraph masterstroke gut, the 2nd part is with full grade the part of 30 class comes one of end content after gut of amuse oneself masterstroke ends: Be called to be the carbon task of fastness. Additionally the author returns detailed in video explanation armour of windstorm sign chance. Well-known,爱上海同城

armour of windstorm sign chance is the most welcome in armour of 4 kinds of machine, if it is the machine armour that you prefer, do not put see the person that regard try the skill collocation that play and game operation this爱上海同城手机版

. In video the author spoke of ” anthem ” the Combo system in game, want to create Combo double hit, not be attribute only above cooperate, still have depend on and detonate two kinds of attribute, depending on is the condition of go ahead of the rest of Combo, because this author is when tie-in skill,will contain the cold ice cone that dep爱上海同城论坛

ends on accessary sex to attack likewise changed have the technical ability that上海千花网龙凤论坛

detonates character (the every skill top right corner in noticing to watch video, what small circle represents is to depend on accessary sex, and quadrilateral the star is to detonate attribute) . After creating Combo double hit, harm is taller, output efficiency is taller. Because this is freezing,attribute can say is windstorm date necessary skill. The author returns exposure the another component of armour of windstorm sign chance (formal edition game can equip 6) : Skill is spatio-temporal field of force, enter the teammate inside limits to include his inside, skill cool阿拉爱上海同城

ing time decreases, accelerate the frequency of use skill, this means you to be able to throw technical ability wildly, create double hit. The equipment in game, best is equipment of orange master degree, additional effect is more. The author undertakes comparative with purple and orange equipment, purple additional effect has 3 only, and orange it is to have 4, and fundamental capability is stronger than purple also. Master degree equips, drop ra上海贵族宝贝

te it is OK to still calculate, according to the author, task of a carbon hits 5. If the player wants to make more equipment, can do job of bond of a few legend more.