Motive and Visceral the project of two groups is very great, we are searching a few more breathtaking people to join our group, the associated chief inspector of Motive and Visceral, belle producer Jade Raymond of Qian Yobi says in rich guest.

Raymond also confirms, the new atelier Motive that held water in July 2015 had had 65 industries now veteran, every week new personality is joined.

We set out at ” strategic defense initiative ” game, explore our think of a way that starts IP formerly, raymond says. In participating in its, be quite breathtaking, my project that should share Motive with everybody not as good as more detail.

As to the game of strategic defense initiative of Visceral, raymond says development is lying an exciting phase. Game is before ” mysterious maritime space ” Hengnige holds playwrite and rice of chief inspector moxa of the knife.

She is an infrequent narrative Great Master, and she and Lucas the originality cacique of movie company people cooperate together, will tell about new, story of real strategic defense initiative, raymond says.

The chief inspector of Hengnige and Visceral Siketepuluobusite will hand in hand project band says toward revolutionary directional Raymond.

Detail will be in the more of these two projects to did not come a few months are public, whether can although Raymond did not affirm them,be on the E3 news briefing of EA appear. However she says in rich guest article, next a few weeks have good fun to look!

Besides the play of new strategic defense initiative of Motive and Visceral, ” peaceful calm fall from the sky ” the game of venture of motion of the 3rd person that develops business Respawn to making universe of a strategic defense initiative. Additional, DICE also is making ” strategic defense initiative: Front ” add is made.