The intermediary outside occupying reports, loan Dumitrescu of notional art design released figure of 3 pieces of concepts on his ArtStation homepage. Interesting is, dumitrescu claims this is the new play that Suo Ni did not announce. From the point of the picture, it is an United States apparently western subject matter game. In the picture equestrian bull-puncher, spear, the train, desolate country, the mark sex element such as disaster car is before Hollywood western the common setting in the film.

Nevertheless these graphs upload time is a year before, accordingly we are not clear about this to be made newly whether be approved by Suo Ni or cancel to develop. The author Loan Dumitrescu of these graphs still is being developed ” PS VR Luge ” , it is atelier of Suo Nilun honest ” PS VR world ” the one part of game closing market.

If exist really, so above western subject matter game still should be glasses of PS VR virtual reality to develop. Nevertheless we also know a lot of notional graph creation come out, to last government not regular meeting is used, say to still do not decide at present so.