EA was announced a few days ago ” anthem ” Demo of VIP advanced user and open Demo try play edition experience time. According to the content of news, those purchase in advance pass ” anthem ” vermicelli made from bean starch, and it is OK that EA Access and Origin Access pay cost the member experienced VIP Demo ahead of schedule on January 25. Of course, other player also has an opportunity to sit into armour of various javelin machine, the experience tries play edition. They need when on Feburary 1, these two Demo will land PS4/XboxOne/PC (Origin platform) . VIP Demo user is OK one-up the strange unreal world that steps anthem experiences among them crisis, can win game inside distinctive prop. ” anthem ” chief producer Mike Gamble expresses: “It is moment lets vermicelli made from bean starch experience personally ” anthem ” . We hope they can be in this new world that we spent old painstaking care to make cordially the flight that enjoys be fertilized cheer and exciting battle. ” the plan that nevertheless Bioware also confirms to in two Demo the player is obtained won’t succeed in official sport.