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Side of so called rachis is curved, in clinical go up to call rachis side protruding again, this is a very serious problem, the rachis that shows a patient appeared to misshape, backboneLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Post can appear to bend apparently, this meeting affects mobile function of the person badly, the patient needs to be treated to normal hospital normally, serious need makes operation treatment, want to do relevant function to take exercise at ordinary times additionally, can do gem gal for instance the help is remedial, how is so specific gem gal action done?

What does the gem gal with correctional rachis curved side have?

The gem gal with correctional rachis curved side:

Bipod is stretched, the distance compares hip slightly wide, both hands parkShanghai noble treasure1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Rear, 10 point to crisscross, raise by next upgrade, bow, fu body, the body stands by ham.

Bipod schism, the distance compares hip slightly wide, left foot left-hand rotation 90 ° , two arms side is smooth lift, body pitch, the right hand touchs left foot, the eye sees left hand.

Bipod schism, distance and hip are the same as wide, before bosom of both hands park, 10 point to crisscross, lumbar extend, the head as far as possible in the future is admired, both hands holds high.

Ground of double genu genuflect, distance and hip are the same as wide, two tactics maintains the ground, be the same as with the shoulder wide, right leg is raised, the right hand is smooth extend, with ground parallel. Go against foreword to put down, change sides, repeat.

What does the gem gal with correctional rachis curved side have?

Sit down, left leg bends, unbend of right leg rightward, the right hand handholds right leg ankle, left closefisted sticks the head to raise, outside face of the centre of the palm, bow, fu body, stick the ground to the centre of the palm.

Rachis side turn has two kinds of kinds: Structure with the function model. A lot of people are the life in same of kind of habit nurturance make spend side of functional sex rachis gently to bend (for example agelong anticlinal all the time shoulder is wrapped) . This kind of rachis is frame-up concern with muscle development, is not body structure.

Turn of side of rachis of sex of another kind of structure affects body structure, be in normally children period can be discovered. Serious degree1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Turn of side of structural sex rachis can cause the muscle tension of body a side, bring about lung possibly even to have less breathing space as a result of the thorax of cave in.

What does the gem gal with correctional rachis curved side have?

The person that great majority has rachis side to bend has accepted treatment or at least children also can be checked regularly. So whether to judge a person simply to rachis side is bent?

If plan institute is shown, stand make the same score before both hands lift join a strike with the palm of the hand, what body nature loosens is forward downward, the condition of back rachis can show this moment to come out now, whether to have the problem with rachis curved side.

What can gem gal do for rachis side turn?

Pass gem gal, can the body that in more detail understands. The exercise can help those who correct rachis side turn when gem gal form of characters or letters, can loosen contractive muscle, strengthen weaker muscle. Same, the key of gem gal depends on be being accepted to be understood to mix, cannot count on gem gal magical ground is completely correctional and vertebral, but can help be kind to the body, promote healthy peace judge.