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The person of ran is increasing, some people like night to run some people like morning to run, there are a lot of harmful materials to was not absorbed by greenery in morning air actually, in the morning environment is so bad. Because of one night rest, body function returns not complete come to when the morning, motion of this kind of moment is not especially other to the body good. In summer the day is compared brightly early, the person that morning runs’ OK and proper choice gets up ran. The article uprightsShanghai night net

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Carry on a few content of ran, look together.

The summer a few ran is best in the morning

1, although a lot of people know hollow ran is bad, but major canvasser does not notice to this. Healthy expert thinks, hollow ran, hollow campaign is very big to the harm of human body.

Accordingly, our normal motion is to need energy to maintain, and our person thisNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, if hollow undertake ran moves, so the energy that manages campaign can be relied on only use up adipose.

This also is people often recommends one of reasons that pass motion and reduce weight.

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2, besides, hollow games brings about the free fatty acid among human body blood apparent heighten, if the word of excessive of free fatty acid, can appear damage cardiac muscle ” poison ” , this ” poison ” often bring about popular feeling law namely abnormal, appear even sudden death circumstance.

The summer a few ran is best in the morning

3, it is good to drink water in the morning, but should not be drink before morning runs

When getting up in the morning everyday, drink stop a cup of plain boiled water is to be helpful for healthy, but if want to have run, the ran of travel of 20 minutes of reentry after that is drinking water. Long-term and hollow ran may be brought about appear ” feel a pain in chest ” and the disease such as stomach trouble.

If have in the morning the habit of ran, should shift to an earlier date 20 drink water to 30 minutes, but unfavorable the water that drinks excessive. Drink water to be able to alleviate in the morning the circumstance lacking water last night and adjust humoral chroma, make achieve balanced status; And be helpful for at accumulated the metabolization child night inside seasonable eduction body. After ran motion ends (rest 15 minutes) , should complement appropriately moisture, best is right amount ground absorbs brine more be helpful for health.

The summer a few ran is best in the morning

4, take food to be able to cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secrete instantly after the ran after the meal or ran decrease, the influence is digested to alimental, as time passes can cause gastric disease, undertake taking exercise after a hour after general meal had better, the ran before sleeping takes exercise bad, the forge before sleepingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Spend exalted position, produce much dream or the undesirable reaction that fall asleep not easily.

But, the morning is unfavorable at hollow undertake athletic greatly measuring taking exercise, when if fitness is long the distance that run is longer, can drink one cannikin syrup first or take little heart less kind food.